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Golfing Magazine is a national publication made up of several regional editions, published 6 times per year, which targets the public, municipal, resort and semi-private course player. This group is the largest general classification in the industry representing over 85% of U.S. golfers. The average age is 38.6 for males, 41.6 for females. The average household income is $85,000.00 +.The national section is commonly the first 40-pages plus section of all the editions of the magazine, and contains articles and features which are prepared and written from a national perspective by our editorial staff.

The Associate Publisherís Local Publication

Golfer Magazine Inc. makes available to independent local entrepreneurs and business people the rights to publish a planned local section within the national magazine in specified and exclusive designated areas nationwide. We refer to these persons as local Associate Publishers.

The local Associate Publisher derives income from the sale of advertising to local or regional businesses, golf facilities, resorts, professional service organizations, golf schools, hotels, restaurants/pubs, and various other prospective advertisers who wish to reach the targeted audience and readership.

While there are many ways the Associate Publisher can make money, the predominant amount of income earned by an Associate Publisher is determined by the price which the Associate Publisher wishes to charge for advertising. The size of an advertiserís ad determines the price, i.e., full page, half page, etc. The price per ad is also determined by the circulation and distribution quantities that an Associate Publisher chooses to make available within their exclusive distribution territory. The combination of the ad size and circulation then determine the ad pricing. The actual price for an ad in the local section is determined by each Associate Publisher and is based on what the market will bear.