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Investment Requirements

The following summarizes the estimated costs for opening a Golfing Magazine Associate Publisher license. Costs will vary depending on your location, market area and other variables.

Estimated Initial Investment for a Golfing Magazine Associate Publisher


  Initial License                                                       $12,000

  Training Program Cost                                         $2,500

  Travel Expenses and meals during training         $750 - $1,450

  Real Estate & Improvements                                 Varies

  Liability Insurance                                                 $500 - $1,000

  Operating Expenses                                             $9,500 - $24,000

  Total:                                                                     $25,250 - $40,950

(These amounts do not include the purchase of real estate, security deposits on a lease for real property or employee compensation.)

We like to ensure that our Associate Publisher licensees have a strong financial foundation with which they can begin their new business. Ideally AP candidates have access to a minimum of $50,000 cash and a total net worth of at least $150,000. Do you meet these qualifications?


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